Breeding with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Due to the remarkable success of the Anatolian Shepherd Guarding Dog Project in
Namibia and in parts of South Africa, the Namaqua National Park has established its own
Anatolian Shepherd Dog breeding project..

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The purpose of the project is to breed and train Anatolian Shepherd dogs and to provide
them at an affordable price to farmers who cannot afford to pay the full market price for
the dog. This is in an effort to protect both the farmers’ livestock and the wildlife in the

Once the pups are between 6 and 8 weeks old, they are placed on the farm on which they
will be working. Initially, because the puppies are too small to travel far and may also get
injured amongst a large group of livestock, they are placed in a pen with a small group of
sheep or goats. The pup then bonds with members of ‘his’ flock and when he is older he
will start to accompany the shepherd and livestock out in the field.

The Namaqua National Park currently has 3 breeding pairs and an additional female who is also used for breeding. The names of our males are: Zoro, Knut, Kahlua. And the names of our females are; Kleintjie, Mishke, Matahari and Ziva.

zoro zoro
zoro zoro